IBISWorld for Commercial Lending

How lenders at commercial banks can utilize IBISWorld’s industry research database.

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Note: this article and video predate our Modern Research Experience. We're working on bringing you the most up-to-date training that aligns with our enhanced platform and products.

For a video tutorial, watch IBISWorld for Commercial Lending.

IBISWorld for Banking

IBISWorld for Banking is our online industry research database, personalized for our banking clients.

On the home page, the tools, news and insights and suggested knowledge articles are tailored to your role, giving you quick access to relevant information.

My IBISWorld for Banking home page

Which industry report sections are most useful for lending professionals?

Let’s get started using the Car Wash & Auto Detailing in the US industry report as an example.

Lending at a Glance

When you open an Industry Report, you’ll land on the Industry at a Glance for Banking chapter. In this chapter, you’ll start out on the Lending tab, which summarizes key industry information that’s relevant to your role.

Industry at a Glance for Banking chapter

Key Statistics

The Key Statistics section gives you an idea of the general scope and size of the market, including the annual growth of the industry’s revenue, profit, profit margin, businesses, employment and wages.

Call Prep Questions

The Call Prep Questions give you the key information you need to discuss an industry with your client or prospect and dig into the details of how their business is affected by changes in the industry. By quickly familiarizing yourself with the industry, you can build rapport and quickly develop a relationship with your client or prospect.

Key Trends

The Key Trends section summarizes the most relevant trends in the industry, so you can quickly identify investment opportunities.

Geographic Breakdown

The Geographic Breakdown chapter shows industry concentration by region, allowing you to examine potential opportunities for investment across regions.

Financial Ratios

The Financial Ratios section gives you benchmarking data that you can use to compare a client’s performance against the industry averages. For example, the higher the Days Payable and Days Receivables ratios, the longer a client might take to pay off debt.

Executive Summary

The Executive Summary gives you a general idea of the overall industry so you can build rapport and have your clients or prospects see you as a trusted advisor.

At the bottom of each section of the Lending tab, you’ll see an option to ‘Learn more’. This will bring you to a section of the report that goes more in-depth on the information. For example, when you click on ‘Learn more’ at the bottom of the Call Prep Questions, you will jump to the Call Preparation Questions chapter of the report, which goes into detail on questions you can ask your clients or prospects related to their role, and external and internal impacts to the industry.

The Lending tab, with the 'Learn More' button outlined in the bottom left

iExpert Reports

Our iExpert Reports are a summary version of our Industry Reports, designed for when you only have a few minutes to familiarize yourself with an industry.

To navigate to an iExpert Report from an Industry Report, click on the light bulb icon in the far-left navigation panel.

The iExpert Report navigation bar enlarged

The iExpert Summary quickly prepares you for client conversations by covering recent developments, key statistics, Cost Structures, Industry Performance and Role Specific Questions.

State Reports

To access state reports from an industry report, go to the Geographic Breakdown chapter, then click into any state on the interactive map. State reports are part of a separate collection that you can add on to your IBISWorld subscription.

An example of a State Report

State reports let you dive into the specifics of how the industry operates within a state and what regions could have more opportunities. It covers how a state ranks in terms of performance in the industry and gives you granular insights into performance across counties.

To learn more about our state reports, check out State & Provincial Industry Reports.

Segment Benchmarking

The Segment Benchmarking chapter of an industry report breaks down the size and number of employees for businesses within a given industry.

An example of the Segment Benchmarking chapter

By clicking into one of the employee segments, which are broken up by the number of employees, you can view the key benchmarking statistics for that segment (e.g., Key Statistics Insights, SWOT, Performance Benchmarking , etc.).

For additional questions regarding IBISWorld for commercial lending, please contact your Client Relationship Manager. If you don’t have an IBISWorld account, please contact us to learn more about our membership options.

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