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State and Provincial Reports

How to access and what's included in State and Provincial reports.

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For a video overview of this product, watch Introduction to State & Provincial Reports.

What are State and Provincial Reports?

Designed to present the key points of difference between national and sub-national industries, our US Industry State Reports and Canada Industry Provincial Reports take you through local performance data and forecasts and highlight regional demographics and economic indicators.

How to access State and Provincial Reports

There are two ways to access these regional reports if you are subscribed to them.

1. You can find the collection in the Industry Research dropdown menu.

Where to access State or Provincial Reports in the product navigation menu.

2. As a companion to our broader NAICS collections, our regional reports can also be accessed from the Geographic Breakdown section of any US or Canadian NAICS report.

The interactive map in the Geographical Breakdown chapter of an Industry Report

Chapters of State and Provincial Reports

Industry Performance

Click through each tab to view revenue, wage, employment and establishment trends, offering a holistic view of industry performance within the state.

Each tab highlights the state or provincial data, along with national data, so you can evaluate performance across geographies.

Tabs in Industry Performance chapter

Further down, you can make custom comparisons by adding any state or province to the line graph. Easily visualize the benefits or drawbacks of one region versus the next, so you can steer clear of declining industries and focus your resources on more fruitful endeavors.

Industry Performance line graph with ability to 'add state' highlighted

Key External Drivers

Every industry encounters external factors that impact performance. In addition to the three most influential national key external drivers of an industry, we show you the key state- or province-level indicators that are likely to impact the local industry’s performance.

County (or Metro Area) Industry Data

Drill down further to understand county-level industry employment, wages and revenue. Subscribers to the Canada Provincial Reports can view establishment trends by metropolitan area to see where business activity is peaking in a province or where it’s lagging. Not all State and Provincial Reports contain this section.

County industry data map and table

Key Statistics

This section collects all provincial or state industry data delivered in the graphs and charts throughout the report and presents it in table format, ready for download. View 14 years of data, spanning into the 5-year forecast period, to help you prepare for changes and spot any major peaks or dips on the horizon.

You also get a Key Ratios table, which helps you understand how productive and efficient a state or province is with respect to IVA, exports, employment, average wages and more.

Chapters of State and Provincial Economic Profiles

State or Provincial Economic Overview

View essential economic data at a glance, including trends in population, job growth, unemployment and more.

State Economic Profile overview

Spot problem areas within local economies right away, then benchmark performance metrics across states or provinces to find stronger economies in neighboring regions.

You can also find insight into economic impact factors such as fiscal stability, susceptibility to natural disasters, domestic migration and others. These factors are handpicked by our analysts and include a brief explanation of a state or province’s ranking (low, medium, high) and impact level (positive, negative) for each factor.

Industry and Sector Statistics

Get a bird’s eye view of any state or province’s GDP and employment by sector to understand which sectors contribute most and why.

Then, drill down to the industry level to view all industries in the state or province, sorted by revenue, establishment or employment growth. With the power to sort and filter using your specific thresholds for performance, you can quickly identify and segment target markets.

Industry data table with growth ratio filtering functionality showing

County Economic Data (US only)

In the State Report collection, users can look closer at any county represented on the map. This county-level view combines aspects of the overview section (population trends, job growth statistics and more).

Plus, you get the same comprehensive list of industries pictured in the table above, but with a county-level focus. Sort and filter to understand performance trends at a micro-level and find the leading and lagging industries from county to county.

State county data map and table

Operating Environment

The final section of the Economic Profile covers the key factors in a state or province’s operating environment, with a focus on the forces that most heavily influence the business landscape.

Get insight into the tax environment, labor market, building and construction trends, housing market and state or provincial demographics.

We even cover the largest employers in the state or province, to give you a sense of which companies might affect your ability to source talent or where to guide job seekers who are looking for employment at well-established organizations.

Largest employers in the state table

As with other sections of our regional reports, you can benchmark one state or province against another to reveal better-performing alternatives that might be worth considering during your decision-making phase.

Industry data table with growth rates filtering functionality showing

For additional questions regarding State and Provincial Reports, please contact your Client Relationship Manager. If you don’t have an IBISWorld account, please contact us to learn more about our membership options.

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