The EU Collection

What’s included in IBISWorld’s EU Collection.

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What is the EU Collection?

Our EU Collection includes three different levels of reports, all written in English, that support key market insights and forecasts for Europe’s most economically impactful industries. It’s comprised of the following:

  • Pan-EU reports: Contextual, pan-EU level insights for 300+ key industries. These reports cover Europe as a singular market.

  • Spotlight reports: In-depth country-level research for 200 key industries for Europe’s largest economies – France, Italy and Spain.

  • Snapshot reports: Snapshot information for 200+ key industries for up to 27 additional European countries including, Greece, Portugal, Netherlands and more.

We also offer reports for the United Kingdom, Ireland and Germany.

An example of a Pan-EU map for an industry

What’s included in the EU Collection?

The reports provide a quick and intelligent overview of critical industries in the largest European economies, giving you access to the following:

  • Value-added insight for European markets, which gives you better answers to business questions about global industry trends and SWOT analyses

  • Key IBISWorld data points for individual European and Pan-EU industries to improve benchmarking and drive business decisions

  • Local expertise to support expansion or M&A activity

Why/how/when to use the EU Collection

The reports help you navigate today’s business challenges, including unpredictable external events that affect European and global markets. With the reports, you can:

  • Ensure your clients are best placed to make major business decisions in the face of uncertainties like Brexit and COVID-19.

  • Proactively prepare for a variety of external events and their impacts on local operating conditions, supply chain relationships, M&A activity, trade deals and more.

  • Augment your access to objective, high-quality insight and analysis into the future of industry operations across the European Union and greater Europe.

  • Provide support to key staff who may be covering large swaths of markets in Europe.

Spotlight reports

The Spotlight reports are much leaner than our Industry Research reports, containing 10 to 20 pages of charts, tables and bite-sized analysis. Key data and analysis in these reports include:

  • All Key Statistics and Cost Structure data points (with forecasts)

  • Major player analysis and current year revenue/profit/market share information

  • Level and trend analysis

  • In-house analyst-written industry performance analysis

Snapshot reports

The Snapshot reports provide high-level economic information so you can drill down into industries in additional European countries. Key data and analysis in our Snapshot reports include:

  • All Key Statistics and Cost Structure data points (with forecasts)

  • Level and trend analysis

  • Industry performance insights

For additional questions regarding IBISWorld's EU Collection, please contact your Client Relationship Manager. If you don’t have an IBISWorld account, please contact us to learn more about our membership options.

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