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How To Use Your Homepage
How To Use Your Homepage

A guide on navigating the your IBISWorld homepage.

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Navigation menu

The navigation menu is the menu at the top of your homepage. This menu appears on all pages when you’re logged into IBISWorld. Use the navigation menu to search for and browse industries, products, resources and access your account settings.


Click on the Industries drop-down in the navigation menu to browse industries by country or region. Industries are further categorized by sector.

The Industries tab in the navigation menu


Click the Products drop-down menu in the navigation menu to browse our products by country. Products are further categorized by product type.

The Products tab in the navigation menu


Click the Resources drop-down menu in the navigation menu to access our blog and help center content.

The Resources tab in the navigation menu


Use the search bar in the navigation menu or the main homepage search bar to search for all IBISWorld products.

For more in-depth information on searching, read Searching in IBISWorld.

The search bars in the center and top right corner of the homepage

My Watch List

My Watch List, formerly the bookmarks section, allows you to track industry trends of your choice.

The My Watch List tab displaying two industries

For details on how to use this section, read How to use My Watch List.

Recently Viewed

Click into Recently Viewed to see the latest products you have visited. Click on the items in this section to quickly access recently viewed reports or products. The blue tag next to the country name on each item indicates what IBISWorld product the item is.

This section will be empty until you visit your first product.

The Recently Viewed section on the homepage.


Click into Trending to see popular reports among other IBISWorld users.

The Trending section on the homepage

For You

The For You section shows you messages from IBISWorld and your account administrator, Industry Insider articles and IBISWorld products relevant to you.

The For You section on the homepage.

We personalize the content in this section using the information you provide us when signing up or in your account settings. Make sure to update your personal information and content preferences in your account settings to keep your For You section relevant.

For additional questions regarding how to use your homepage, please contact your Client Relationship Manager. If you don’t have an IBISWorld account, please contact us to learn more about our membership options.

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