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New Industry Report Structure
New Industry Report Structure

Discover the new and updated sections and chapters within IBISWorld’s Industry Reports.

Updated over a week ago

For answers to frequently asked questions related to these changes, read New Report Structure FAQs.

For a brochure outlining all the new and updated chapters, open the New Report Structure Brochure.

Why have we updated our chapters and sections?

We enhanced, reorganized and added new chapters and sections within our Industry Research Reports to offer seamless navigation and faster time-to-value as part of our Modern Research Experience.

Updated chapters

Reports now feature infinite scroll, meaning you can scroll from the first chapter to the last chapter without using the chapter navigation menu to the left of the report.

The old versus new table of contents for industry reports.

We've renamed select chapters and optimized the content across our entire collection to give you the most value. The following chapters are brand new or have had fundamental changes to improve your industry research experience.


The About page is now focused on giving you the key industry information you need to quickly confirm you’re in the right place.

With the updated sections, you can easily understand what the industry is, the companies that make it up and its relation to other industries and the sector it's in.

At a Glance

We rearranged and optimized the At a Glance chapter to highlight the most valuable report sections, giving you an overview of key industry information throughout the report.

The old versus new sections in the At a Glance chapter.

You can click on the section heading to jump to the full section or chapter within the report (E.g., clicking on the Major Players heading will bring you the Companies chapter).


We consolidated all historical, current and forward-looking performance data and insights in one chapter.

Geographic Breakdown

Formerly only available to US and Canada users, the Geographic Breakdown chapter shows you the distribution of businesses across the country for an industry. The interactive Business Concentration map is accompanied by key trends and analyst insights into drivers behind these location trends.

Financial Benchmarks

We created a new Financial Benchmarks chapter so you can easily access industry benchmarking data, trends and insights all in one chapter.

Updated sections

Highlighted key data points

Chapter-specific key data is now highlighted at the top of each chapter so you can understand important industry trends before diving deeper into your research.

The Key Takeaways and highlighted key data points at the top of the Competitive Forces chapter.


Formerly in the retired Operating Conditions chapter, the Volatility section is now integrated with related revenue insights in the Performance chapter.

The old versus new Volatility section.


We made the former Industry Outlook chapter part of the Performance chapter to consolidate all historical, current and forward-looking performance data and insights.

International Trade

We updated the International Trade section from donut charts for imports and exports and a line graph for trade balance to an interactive world map visualizing the imports, exports and trade balance.

The old versus new International Trade section.

Supply chain

The Supply Chain diagram is now in the more comprehensive and detailed Buyer and Supplier Power section within the Competitive Forces chapter.


We added a new Substitutes section to the Competitive Forces chapter that covers the external competition posed by alternative products or services.

The new substitutes section.

Cost Structure Benchmarks

You can now find the Cost Structure Benchmarks section in the new Financial Benchmarks chapter with similar data on operating expenses.

Key Success Factors

Key Success Factors, formerly a section in the Competitive Landscape chapter, now appears throughout the report to provide section-specific information on what operators need to succeed in the industry.

For additional questions regarding what’s changed in IBISWorld’s Industry Research Reports, please contact your Client Relationship Manager. If you don’t have an IBISWorld account, please contact us to learn more about our membership options.

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