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New Report Structure FAQs
New Report Structure FAQs

Discover the new and updated sections and chapters within IBISWorld’s Industry Reports.

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For an overview of the changes to Industry Reports as part of our Modern Industry Research Experience, read New Industry Research Report Structure.

What happened to the Demand Determinants section?

We removed the Demand Determinants section. The Key External Drivers section is now the primary location for all information relating to demand.

What happened to the Industry Globalization section?

We incorporated the data and insights from the Industry Globalization section into the new International Trade section within the Products & Markets chapter. We removed this section to consolidate all import and export information into one chapter.

What happened to the Basis of Competition section?

We renamed Basis of Competition to Substitutes. We made this change to more accurately align this section with the the Porter’s 5 Forces framework.

What happened the Technology & Systems section?

We integrated the Technology & Systems section into the Life Cycle section in the Performance chapter. We made this change to make these data and insights more accessible.

Where is the Supply Chain section?

We incorporated the Supply Chain section, previously located within the At a Glance and Products & Markets chapters, into the Buyer & Supplier Power section within the Competitive Forces chapter. We relocated this section to have all supply chain data and insights in one chapter.

Where is the glossary?

The glossary now lives in the Glossary help center article. We removed the glossary from industry reports to focus the reports on relevant industry data and insights.

Where are iExpert Summary Reports?

We integrated the iExpert Summaries into the At a Glance chapter. We made this change to allow you to dive deeper into your research with the new ability to click on headings in the At a Glance chapter to jump to the full chapters and sections in a report.

You can also download the At a Glance chapter to match the iExpert Summary format with the "PDF - At a Glance Summary" format.

The Download Report dropdown menu.

For additional questions regarding the enhanced industry reports, please contact your Client Relationship Manager. If you don’t have an IBISWorld account, please contact us to learn more about our membership options.

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