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Ireland Methodology and Sources
Ireland Methodology and Sources

The methodology and sources for Ireland Industry Reports.

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Where does IBISWorld source its data?

The primary sources we use for our Irish industry research reports are The Central Statistics Office (CSO) and Eurostat. These sources allow our analysts to effectively detail the overall sector and specific industries classified under NACE, the Statistical Classification of Economic Activities developed in the European Community.

Here’s a list of sources we use. Analysts will also refer to data sources specific to the industry in question, such as trade associations and other representative bodies.

What is IBISWorld’s forecasting methodology?

Here are the steps we take to decide what variables and conditioning assumptions must be used in an industry forecast.

  1. Macro-economic level: Look at the extent to which an industry’s output will respond to macro-economic changes.

  2. Sector level: Consider the external and internal forces that are likely to affect the sector in which the industry operates and to what extent is it believed that these forces will influence the industry’s performance.

  3. Industry level: Consider the factors affecting the industry specifically without considering other industries within the same sector (E.g., factors affecting the Building Construction industry but not the Road and Railway Construction industry).

Example: forecasting methodology for F41.200IE Building Construction in Ireland

Macro-economic level

Variables considered:

  • Employment

  • Inflation

  • Consumer spending

  • Business investment

  • Trade

Sources used:

Sector level

Variables considered:

  • New orders

  • Supply-chain prices

  • Output prices

  • Sector employment

  • Construction investment

Sources used:

Industry level

Variables considered:

  • Building starts

  • Housing transaction

  • Property prices

  • Public investment in housing

  • Commercial property investment

Sources used:

For any additional questions regarding Ireland sources and methodology, please reach out to your Client Relationship Manager. If you’re not an IBISWorld member, please contact us to learn more about our membership options.

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