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Understand where IBISWorld sources data for Germany Industry Reports.

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Download this spreadsheet for a list of sources used for all Germany Industry Reports.

Where does IBISWorld source its data?

We source our Germany industry data from the catch-all, international trade and business location sources listed below.

Federal Statistical Office

The Federal Statistical Office (Destatis) provides official data on a wide range of topics, including the economy, society, the environment and government.

We source data from Destatis for various industries as well as macroeconomic indicators for both the private and public sectors. Destatis lets you customize data aggregation with WZ industry codes with the Genesis data portal. For instance, Destatis provides statistics for the manufacture of motor vehicles, as well as individual upstream industries, such as the manufacture of pumps and compressors or downstream industries, such as retail of motor vehicles.

Data sourced from Destatis includes:

  • Number of enterprises and establishments

  • Revenue and gross value added

  • Number of employees and aggregated wages

  • Cost structure items, such as purchases and taxes

With Destatis data, we calculate key indicators that provide deeper insights into an industry. For example, we can calculate the share of wages in revenue and the average revenue of an industry operator.


Key economic figures are often sourced from annual and consolidated financial statements published in the Bundesanzeiger. The Bundesanzeiger is an official announcement publication of the Federal Republic of Germany, published by the Federal Ministry of Justice. The Bundesanzeiger publishes annual reports, announcements by courts and authorities, and announcements in the commercial register.

Revenue, employment and earnings data are sourced from the published annual financial statements.

European Statistical Office

The European Statistical Office (Eurostat) collects, processes and publishes statistical information at the European level. Eurostat’s statistics cover various economic, social and environmental areas.

We use Eurostat’s foreign trade statistics to trace trade flows in a specific industry, calculate import and export values, and draw economic insights.

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