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Business Environment Profiles

What’s included in Business Environment Profiles.

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What are Business Environment Profiles?

Every industry faces various economic drivers outside its control that can affect its performance, including consumer behavior, commodity prices and financial markets. Our Business Environment Profiles provide insight into these key external drivers to help you identify threats and maximize opportunities.

Business Environment Database (BED) reports outline hundreds of external factors affecting industries across the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand. Each report analyzes the driver’s historical and forecasted performance and how it’s affecting industries within the economy.

How are the Business Environment Profiles structured and what are the key sections?

Report Structure 

Each Business Environment Profile report outlines how the external driver affects industries within the economy and includes easy-to-understand data tables and analysis highlighting driver performance over the past and next five-year periods.  

Driver Overview

The Driver Overview defines the driver and gives you a quick overview of its performance. It also explains how and why the driver affects industry performance. 

The Key Statistics Section of a Business Environment Profile

Current Performance

The Current Performance section outlines the driver’s performance over the past 5 years and how its influence on industries has evolved. 


In the Outlook section, we discuss how the driver is expected to perform over the next 5 years and what this means for industries. 

Data Volatility 

Here we identify the driver’s volatility level and its implication on economic performance, highlighting trends and explaining changes in volatility and why they occurred. Volatility levels include very high, high, moderate and low. 

Data Volatility graph of Consumer Confidence Index

Data charts and tables 

Business Environment Profiles also include charts, graphs and tables designed to give you a quick glance of driver performance including past and projected annual value and percentage change over time. 

Affected Industries

This section lists industries that are affected by this driver. 

Industries Affected section of the Consumer Confidence Index

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