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Changes to IBISWorld’s API
Changes to IBISWorld’s API

How changes to IBISWorld’s platform will affect its API.

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Upcoming changes to the current API (V2)

We’re changing the IBISWorld platform in Q3 of 2023 as part of our Modern Industry Research Experience. This change will include redesigned industry reports with a fresh writing style, enhanced structure and scannable insights.

No immediate action is needed as our API (V2) will automatically update, and existing endpoints will call updated data and analysis. Soon after the release of our redesigned platform, an upgraded version of our API (V3) will be available. We’ll continue to support V2 for the foreseeable future - if we decide to deprecate it, we’ll provide you with at least 12 months to transition to V3.

How the platform redesign will affect the current API

  • Certain retired content will be substituted with similar new content.

  • V2 endpoints will send updated data and analysis in the new writing style.

  • Most images, charts and maps won’t change.

The API transition timeline

We’ll launch V3 in Q4 of 2023 (between October and December 2023). Your IBISWorld Client Relationship Manager will reach out when an official release date is available.

What to expect from V3

With our updated API, you’ll get more customizable, flexible and impactful industry information.

With the transition to V3, you can expect:

  • More granular data and analysis: instead of calling the entire section with several paragraphs of analysis, you can call just the headlines and data callouts if you prefer.

  • Quicker insights: we’ll create new endpoints for the updated writing style, which allows you to read and digest our industry insights faster.

  • The same API format: V3 will use the same format as V2, so your developers can still review, test and update endpoints in the same way. Our developer website will still be the primary source for all our API documentation.

We’re sharing this exciting news with you before the launch of V3 to make sure you have the time you need to transition smoothly. We’ll keep you updated as we approach the release of V3 and share all relevant documentation needed to make this transition.

For additional questions regarding these changes, please contact your Client Relationship Manager. If you don’t have an IBISWorld account, please contact us to learn more about our membership options.

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