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About IBISWorld

General information and questions about IBISWorld and its products.

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Is IBISWorld a software system?

No. IBISWorld is not a software system, and no IT development is required to access IBISWorld research. IBISWorld members just need to log in to our website to access our reports.

I don’t know which report to buy to find the information I need. What should I do?

Try searching by keyword to find a list of relevant reports (the search box is available at the top right of every web page). Or you can contact us and we will be glad to help you find the report that best meets your needs and business objectives. We’d also be happy to schedule a free demonstration with you to discuss your business intelligence needs.

How frequently does IBISWorld update reports?

We update our reports 1-4 times per year depending on changes in the market for each report. Our update schedule ensures that you can make decisions based on information that is current and insightful.

Where does IBISWorld source its data?

We scour hundreds of official and publicly-available sources. IBISWorld analysts also use industry contacts, industry associations and non-public sources to find key data and news. Proprietary in-house data and statistical modeling fill in gaps and provide the foundation for forecasts. See the our Sourcing and Methodology articles to learn more.

How will I get the report I purchase on the website?

Once you complete the checkout process and we receive your payment, a PDF version of your IBISWorld report will be emailed to you. The report will also be viewable on our website for a period of 24 hours, unless otherwise stated at the cart stage of your purchase.

Can you send me a sample report before I subscribe?

Each report page gives an overview, data snapshot and additional information that will give you insights into what the report contains. You can also download a free sample report to get a sense of the format of our reports. If you need more information before you purchase, please contact us and a representative will be happy to answer your questions.

Does IBISWorld offer a money-back guarantee?

IBISWorld offers a 100% money-back guarantee on all reports purchased through our website. If the information in a report does not meet the standard indicated in the product description or sample report and we are not able to provide supplementary information to meet that standard, we will offer a full refund for that report.

What browsers does IBISWorld support?

IBISWorld supports the following browsers: Google Chrome 29 and later, plus Firefox version 27, and later.

In general, IBISWorld also supports browser versions that are supported by their manufacturer. Any other browsers will require additional testing by IBISWorld to ensure compatibility. Please provide your Client Relationship Manager with the technical specifications of the browser. If necessary, our IT department may request a test login to view the user experience during the pre-deployment testing.

For any additional questions, please reach out to your Client Relationship Manager. If you’re not an IBISWorld member, please contact us to learn more about our membership options.

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