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How To Cite an IBISWorld Report
How To Cite an IBISWorld Report

Different styles and examples of report citations.

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How do I cite an IBISWorld report?

Here’s how to cite an IBISWorld report in different styles.

MLA style:

  • “Report Number: Report Name”. IBISWorld. Month of report. Year of report

    • E.g., 31134: Candy Production in the US. May. 2022.

APA style:

  • (Year, Month). Report Name. Report Number. Retrieved from IBISWorld database.

  • E.g., (2022, May). Candy Production in the US. 31134. Retrieved from IBISWorld database.

Chicago style:

  • Author, Article name, Database name, Date published, URL

Where do I find the information in the citation?

All of the information you need to create a citation is located at the top of a report:

The industry code, analyst name, and publish date at the top of the Coal Mining in the US report.

For any additional questions related to citing IBISWorld reports, please reach out to your Client Relationship Manager. If you’re not an IBISWorld member, please contact us to learn more about our membership options.

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