How to adjust your EZproxy settings

Find the steps and stanzas needed to access the IBISWorld platform.

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How do I access the IBISWorld platform?

The website URL for the IBISWorld platform is

How do I adjust my EZproxy settings?

Update your stanzas to reflect the settings below.

  1. Add to your stanza.

  2. Update all IBISWorld URLs to https://

  3. Provide your EZproxy IP and IP range to your Client Relationship Manager (CRM). Your CRM will update this on IBISWorld's end.

  4. Change your entry point(s) links to or update from http:// to https:// for

In addition, your EZproxy server must be configured with an SSL certificate to access the IBISWorld platform.

What stanzas do I need to access the IBISWorld platform?

Find an up-to-date list of stanzas on our EZproxy stanzas page.

For additional questions regarding EZproxy settings, please contact your Client Relationship Manager. If you don’t have an IBISWorld account, please contact us to learn more about our membership options.

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